Another windows tuning I forgot to mention

I use my laptop so much that I sometimes forget about some server-type tunings.

I resuscitated my hot-rod AMD box – it’s a grossly overclocked monster but only has 1GB RAM (since it’s hard to find that kind of fast RAM in bigger sizes, and using 4 sticks prohibits me from overclocking it so much). Let’s just say the CPU is running a full GHz faster than stock, and with air, not water or peltier coolers.

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Cisco WAAS benchmarks, and WAN optimizers in general

Lately I’ve been dealing with WAN accelerators a lot, with the emphasis on Cisco’s WAAS (some other, smaller players are Riverbed, Juniper, Bluecoat, Tacit/Packeteer and Silverpeak). The premise is simple and compelling: Instead of having all those servers at your edge locations, move your users’ data to the core and make accessing the data feel almost as fast as having it locally, by deploying appliances that act as proxies. At the same time, you will actually decrease the WAN utilization, enabling you to use cheaper pipes, or at least not have to upgrade, where in the past you were planning to anyway.

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Just ate at Keens Steakhouse in NYC

Well, just finished the meal. Steak was ordered medium-rare, arrived medium, a bit chewy (but still tasty) and not hot. I was too tired to complain and ate military style (i.e. it was gone in a minute).

The 26oz ribeye I had at Wollensky’s a couple years ago was a religious experience, comparatively. That thing needed a butterknife, at most. Sometimes staring at it hard enough was sufficient to lop off a piece.

I admit I don’t have enough of a statistical sample for either joint.

Just thought I’d share this.