Not amazing news but an official announcement nonetheless: Saw this (www.macnn.com/articles/07/06/06/zfs.in.leopard/) and I couldn’t resist posting. This means a few things:

  1. Sun figured out how to make ZFS bootable (at least on OSX)
  2. Someone figured out how to deal with ZFS and resource forks (I can’t believe they are willing to break compatibility with so much software otherwise).

Now I just need a Mac so I can run some benchmarks before and after. I have some buddies that might oblige… finally the Macs get a decent FS.

Now if only Apple could lose the silly Mach legacy, it’s a common misconception that the kernel in OSX is FreeBSD – it ain’t. Run lmbench (www.bitmover.com/lmbench/) on different platforms and compare results such as context switching, thread creation and whatnot. Then you’ll see why OSX can’t always make a decent server OS.


Ate at Del Frisco’s steakhouse in Orlando


Not much fanfare, steaks wet-aged 21 days.

Got the strip. So much better than Charley’s it wasn’t even funny. Great flavor, tender, perfectly cooked. 8/10. (Charley’s claim double the aging time but their stuff just wasn’t that good).

Sides were maybe too rich (the spinach could clog a Yak’s arteries). Bisque too thick and nowhere near my sublime experience in Savannah, GA. At least they gave me sherry to put in it, I can’t believe it’s not SOP in any place serving bisque. Heathens!

Dessert was just OK.

Something tells me (maybe it’s my impacted colon) that I should not eat steak again tonight.


At EMC World

Currently attending EMC World. The first day bored me to tears, I hope the rest will be more exciting (though it utterly depends on the presenters). Some of the material is too introductory, even if one attends the advanced sessions they’re not that advanced.

More to follow.