Another windows tuning I forgot to mention

I use my laptop so much that I sometimes forget about some server-type tunings.

I resuscitated my hot-rod AMD box – it’s a grossly overclocked monster but only has 1GB RAM (since it’s hard to find that kind of fast RAM in bigger sizes, and using 4 sticks prohibits me from overclocking it so much). Let’s just say the CPU is running a full GHz faster than stock, and with air, not water or peltier coolers.

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On deduplication and Data Domain appliances

One subject I keep hearing about is deduplication. The idea being that you save a ton of space since a lot of your computers have identical data.
One way to do it is with an appliance-based solution such as Data Domain. Effectively, they put a little server and a cheap-but-not-cheerful, non-expandable 6TB RAID together, then charge a lot for it, claiming it can hold 90TB or whatever. Use many of them to scale.

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