Just ate at Keens Steakhouse in NYC

Well, just finished the meal. Steak was ordered medium-rare, arrived medium, a bit chewy (but still tasty) and not hot. I was too tired to complain and ate military style (i.e. it was gone in a minute).

The 26oz ribeye I had at Wollensky’s a couple years ago was a religious experience, comparatively. That thing needed a butterknife, at most. Sometimes staring at it hard enough was sufficient to lop off a piece.

I admit I don’t have enough of a statistical sample for either joint.

Just thought I’d share this.


So who am I?

Hello everyone,

My name is Dimitris Krekoukias.

This blog used to be on another server, I moved it here – hopefully this hosting facility will be more stable.

I resemble a silverback gorila more than a monkey (man-pelt and all), and could probably wrestle one (and have a fair chance of winning).
I have extensive experience in the storage, performance, backup and recovery arena, and indeed know far more about certain products than I (or, indeed, the respective vendors) would like to.

Hopefully everyone will find this blog stimulating, controversial and, at times, annoying – in which case, tough.