Netbackup best practices for ridiculously busy environments (but not exclusively).

While waiting for another EMC World session to start (this one is at “Guru” level, let’s see) I thought I might share some of my experience regarding running Netbackup on very large setups – nothing like learning through pain.

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Just ate at Keens Steakhouse in NYC

Well, just finished the meal. Steak was ordered medium-rare, arrived medium, a bit chewy (but still tasty) and not hot. I was too tired to complain and ate military style (i.e. it was gone in a minute).

The 26oz ribeye I had at Wollensky’s a couple years ago was a religious experience, comparatively. That thing needed a butterknife, at most. Sometimes staring at it hard enough was sufficient to lop off a piece.

I admit I don’t have enough of a statistical sample for either joint.

Just thought I’d share this.