Ate at The Old Homestead in NYC

I’ve been hopped up on uppers all day (relax, just a huge amount of chocolate-covered high-test espresso beans, though the amount of caffeine was surely enough to get me disqualified from competing in any sport – every time I pee it smells like freshly-brewed coffee). Needing something to relax me, and since my bowel movements have been altogether too easy lately, I thought I’d go for steak. Two birds with one stone.

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Ate at Bobby Van’s in Manhattan

After the glowing reviews of a colleague I ate at Bobby Van’s on 230 Park. It’s considered to be one of the better NYC steakhouses (there are 4 in the chain, most in NYC).

I got a bone-in ribeye and some mushrooms.

I asked for a 145°F internal temperature and the decrepit waiter looked at me like I had three heads. “What does that mean?” I said medium rare…

The steak was pretty good, slightly overcooked but not as flavorful as what I had at Flames. It was also a bit dry for a ribeye and totally unseasoned. Still, not a bad cut.

The mushrooms provided some lubrication.

Not a religious experience, I’ll try the Old Homestead tomorrow hopefully.