Updated blog code, plus a bit about NetApp recovery for cloud providers

Sometime last night/this morning a config file in my blog got corrupted. Maybe it got hacked (I was running an ancient WordPress version 2.1) but at any rate the site was down.

It’s hosted on a large, famous service provider, and they use NetApp gear.

I was able to recover my file through NetApp snapshots – The provider makes this trivial by giving all users a GUI for it that looks like a normal file manager. All self-service.


No Vblocks, Avamar or Data Domain were harmed in the process that literally took all of one second to complete, most of which time was probably spent on Javascript doing its thing and the browser refreshing. BTW, I hadn’t touched that file since 2006.

This is a good example of storage for service providers doing more than just storing data.

With alternative solutions, a ticket would have to be opened, a helpdesk person would have to use a backup tool to find my file and restore it, then let me know. A whole lot more effort than what happened in this case.

In other news, I’m running the latest WordPress code, the site is now auto-optimized for mobile devices, and things are smooth again. Oh, and the old theme that most seemed to hate is gone. I’ll see if I can find a suitable picture for the header, for now this is OK.

If only that old version of WordPress I was using had a clean way of exporting stuff, if you look at older articles you’ll notice weird characters here and there. I might fix it. Probably not.


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