Has NetApp sold more flash than any other enterprise disk vendor?

NetApp has been selling our custom cache boards with flash chips for a while now. We have sold over 3PB of usable cache this way.

The question was raised in public forums such as Twitter – someone mentioned that this figure may be more usable Solid State storage than all other enterprise disk vendors have sold combined (whether it’s used for caching or normal storage – I know we have greatly outsold anyone else that does it for caching alone 🙂 ).

I don’t know if it is, maybe the boys from the other vendors can chime in on this and tell us, after RAID, how much usable SSD they’ve sold, but the facts remain:

  • NetApp has demonstrated thought leadership in pioneering the pervasive use of Megacaches
  • The market has widely adopted the NetApp Flash Cache technology (I’d say 3PB of usable cache is pretty wide adoption)
  • The performance benefits in the real world are great, due to the extra-granular nature of the cache (4KB blocks vs 64+ KB for others) and extremely intelligent caching algorithms
  • The cost of entry is extremely reasonable
  • It’s a very easy way to add extra performance without forcing data into faster tiers.

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