Cinebench benchmarks – performance comparison between Vista 64 and Mac OS X

Been a while since I posted anything – there’s a TON of material but some of us actually do more than blog, it’s quarter/year end, and I barely have time to go to the bathroom…

But this was an easy one so I thought I’d post it real quick. Using Scribefire, a blogging plug-in for Firefox. I hate it.

Disclaimer: The machines used are not identical.

However, the CPUs supposedly are pretty close in speed (2.6 vs 2.8 GHz). Memory is the same.

Graphics are also similar but the Lenovo box has 128MB VRAM whereas the Mac has 512MB and is a faster GPU.

The contenders: Macbook Pro 2.8GHz vs Lenovo T62p (14″ model) running Vista 64, 2.6GHz.

The Mac is running a 32-bit OS (64-bitness is coming with Snow Leopard next year). It also has switchable graphics and one can choose between the on-chipset Nvidia 9400 or the discrete 9600. Typically on-board graphics are pretty crappy.

Despite the dissimilarity of the machines here are some notables:

  • Cinebench really takes off in 64-bit mode in Vista
  • OS X seems to do quite well even though it’s not 64-bit yet
  • The integrated graphics on the new Mac are awesome
  • The discrete graphics are great for a laptop
  • OS X seems to be more efficient than Vista when doing multi-CPU work, at least in this case
  • If someone is looking for a decent modern laptop they can do far worse than the new Macs, even a plain Macbook would be pretty decent

Here’s a chart of the results:

OS/Config 1-CPU 2-CPU GFX Multiprocessor speedup
Macbook Pro 2.8GHz integrated GFX 3208 6051 4813 1.87
Macbook Pro 2.8GHz discrete GFX 3213 5926 6130 1.84
Lenovo 2.6GHz 32-bit 2693 4755 4264 1.77
Lenovo 2.6GHz 64-bit 3040 5367 4256 1.77

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