Massive benchmark comparison between Windows XP, Vista and 2008 Server, 32- and 64-bit

Found this while surfing and couldn’t resist posting the link. This guy did a massive array of tests on pretty much all versions of Windows that matter at the moment. The short version? If it’s performance you’re after, there’s no clear winner, since they all have their strengths. Overall, of the currently-supported OSes 2008 server seems to have the edge, as indicated by my own experiences. Attaching the results below, but here’s a link, too.

microsoft OS benchmarks

11 Replies to “Massive benchmark comparison between Windows XP, Vista and 2008 Server, 32- and 64-bit”

  1. Great Test Results….I ran a few myself a while back and I had similr results…though I am still on Vista 64SP1. this works just fine for me.

    Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Hmm…

    Were the benchmarks run without the overhead of anti-virus and other such processes?

    To put things in perspective, could you please run the tests on Fedora 11 Linux (with cpuspeed throttling switched off)?

    We all know Linux is faster, but by how much is the question – if Linux is slower, then it would be interesting to find out where.

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