Lowest-impact antivirus tool I’ve ever tried

I’ve been trying out ESET’s NOD32 on my 64-bit 2008 Server box. Before that I’d tried Avast! – which has great detection but noticeably slows down my computer, even when it’s loading pre-cached and pre-checked content (easy test: load Firefox with and without Avast! several times. It’s ALWAYS much slower to load with antivirus on than without. Without Avast! it loads instantly).

So I put in NOD32 Business Edition and the performance difference is staggering. Indeed, I can’t tell the difference between having it on or off. Unless you ask for a scan of the entire box the antivirus process never even goes to 1% of CPU consumption. If you check various online tests of the different antivirus programs they do show NOD32 having some of the best performance overall (including possibly the best heuristics engine with practically zero false positives), plus it works with 2008.

Other progs (Like Kaspersky) also work well but they’re much slower. I think I’ve found my holy grail when it comes to virus protection.

The one massive drawback is that Business Edition (which is the only one that supports 2008) is ONLY sold in 5-computer packs. It’s not expensive (boils down to like $40 per box, same as Home Edition) but I don’t HAVE 5 servers, I just have my 1 laptop that runs 2008.

I asked ESET and they wouldn’t sell me a single Business license. That’s just silly. The product is priced right, is totally solid but they won’t sell you a less than 5 licenses. I won’t spend 200-odd bucks for one machine.

Their response was that most businesses have more than 5 computers in general, so even if they have only 1-2 servers the rest of the licenses can be used on desktops/laptops. Which makes sense but it doesn’t help me 🙂

The only other product I’d consider now is Avira’s Antivir (same great speed and detection rate, however it provides many more false positives) but I hear it doesn’t work on 2008.

Damn the box is fast now, I forgot how blazing 2008 feels unencumbered by other fluff 🙂


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  1. How about symantec corporate. Generally seems to work well w/o screwing with my computer. I had NOD32 try and take over my firewall which really pissed me off since I do a lot of development that gets unintentionally blocked.

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