Ate at Delmonico’s in NYC

I was helping out a customer with some backup issues in the Wall street area and they happened to be literally across the street from Delmonico’s.

At the end of a particularly long day I thought I’d reward myself with a nice steak, and the proximity to the steakhouse made it hard to resist.

Delmonico’s is one of those places that have been around forever. Bit stuffy inside, I didn’t opt for the wet-aged Delmonico cut but instead went for the T-Bone (dry-aged on-premises). I also had a rather excellent salad with roasted tomatoes, herbs and mozzarella.

This is not going to be one of those inspired entries – the steak just wasn’t that good. It was undercooked, underseasoned and just lacked flavor. I probably should have gone for the house’s signature cut (the famous Delmonico cut) but any decent steakhouse should have no problems making a proper T-Bone.

Maybe I’ll give it another chance. Prolly not.


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