Ate at the Staghorn steakhouse in NYC

At the insistence of my colleagues (that seem to enjoy the steak posts more than the high-falutin’ technology ones) I decided to visit another NYC steakhouse.

It was raining, I didn’t feel like going further so I went to a place near the office at 2 Penn Plaza (Madison Sq. Garden).

It’s a newer place called the Staghorn on 36th, just west of 8th Ave. Really nice and modern inside, unlike most other NYC steakhouses. Almost totally empty.

The prices are a bit below other joints, probably because the cuts are not quite as colossal.

I opted for a T-bone this time and a house salad. All the cuts had the same price, BTW.

The salad had an excellent vinaigrette with a touch of oregano. I fortified it with a tiny bit of blue cheese.

The steak was truly excellent, dry-aged, with a wonderful nuttiness and caramelization, exhibiting slight undertones of hazelnut.

Not perfect though – had the cut been a bit thicker it would have been juicier, another 4-5 oz wouldn’t be too much to add. Nonetheless, a wonderful piece of beef. In the thicker parts it was amazing in tenderness, texture and flavor.

I finished with a rather good tiramisu that was a touch on the oversoaked side but very tasty.

Recommended. This place shouldn’t be as obscure.


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