Uptempo cache can get paged out! (EDIT: After all, it does NOT).

I normally don’t do retractions unless proven wrong. So, ignore the text below and read Nick’s comment.


A warning to those who use Datacore’s Uptempo:

While it works wonderfully as long as the server doesn’t suffer a low memory condition, the memory it reserves for cache will get paged out in low-memory situations.

I found out the hard way (as usual), while running some very demanding VMs (I only have 2GB and not the best laptop, a new machine is forthcoming). The way Uptempo reserves memory is by using a specific process, Dscaddmemory or something like that (I’ve now removed it from my system so I can’t remember the exact name). If you look at Task Manager, that process has as much memory allocated to it as you’ve allocated Uptempo.

When I was running out of RAM, I noticed that the process started shrinking in size, until it was 16MB (out of 280MB). Windows, since it looks like a normal process, decided to page it out in order to reclaim RAM.

Of course, this kinda defeats the purpose. I’d rather page out everything BUT my fancy dedicated cache, the way HP-UX does it if you tell it to (story for another day but HP-UX cache tends to work better if you specify the min and max sizes as the same and not let it auto-allocate).

My real beef with Uptempo is that it didn’t try to reclaim the memory when there most obviously was enough memory for it (after it paged itself out needlessly, I had over 350MB free and plenty in the Windows cache).

It didn’t even try to reclaim the RAM after I quit VMWare and had 1.5GB free.

Obviously, either I’m missing something fundamental or some work needs to be done. Granted, any time you are forced to swap heavily cache won’t help much but they should be at least giving the memory back to the process afterwards.

Supercache never shows up as a process, it grabs the memory when the system boots (it’s one of the first things that happen) and nothing can swap it out. It’s also configurable on-the-fly, Uptempo needs a reboot for any size changes.

With 64-bit all these helper caching programs will probably become obsolete since cache is not limited to 1GB any longer. Though I’m not sure I subscribe to Vista’s Superfetch, since it does make the HD work like crazy when you first start the box and is more suited for boxes that are not shut down it seems. Once it settles down it works OK.


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  1. As an engineer working for DataCore I can confirm that the apparent size of the DcsAddMem process does indeed decrease over time as you describe, however this does not reflect the amount of memory allocated to the UpTempo cache which remains constant.

    The DcsAddMem process is used to allocate memory which is then passed to a kernel driver where it is made non-pageable with ProbeAndLock. Over time the apparent size of the DcsAddMem process will decrease as the operating system attempts to reduce its working set, but the associated physical memory is still dedicated to the UpTempo cache and remains locked in memory.

    So, no page-out of the UpTempo cache occurs and the performance benefits remain unchanged.

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