Ate at AJ Maxwell’s in Manhattan

Once more, dear reader, I place my colon’s health at peril for your reading pleasure and culinary edification.

I could have gone to Via Brazil for a proper feijoada by walking a few yards from my hotel but, instead, I sacrificed variety on the altar of dedication and had another bone-in ribeye. It is my mission to eat at all the decent NYC steakhouses.

For those who don’t know me (and many who do): I don’t eat steak all the time… indeed, I consider myself a veritable gourmand (and I do know the difference between gourmand and gourmet, as do my belts).

Anyway: ordered a medium-rare ribeye. They chargrill their steaks at AJ Maxwell’s so if you don’t like them that way don’t go. If you do, the steaks are good. The meat was tender and flavorful. It looks colossal but it is (they say) just 22oz. It looked huge and was over 2in thick. Probably 22oz after cooking.

I read some reviews and typically the people that complain asked for medium or medium well. If the piece is that thick and they chargrill it, rest assured the exterior will be pretty crispy if you want medium. By the same token, getting medium rare could mean some parts are pretty rare indeed. Not the place to be if you like medium and above.

I actually thought it was better than Bobby Van’s though still not as good as Flames. However, eating once someplace is not enough of a statistical sample. It’s beef after all, not purified water. Not the easiest thing in the world to be consistent with. Hence the incredulity of most people when I tell them that I had the best steak of my life at Wollensky’s. Maybe I got lucky. Hey, at least I said Wollensky’s, not Appleby’s… it’s a legitimate steakhouse.

After a few months I’ll definitely need colonics to get rid of the barnacles.


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