Ate at Murphy’s Style Grill, in Red Bank, NJ

Will be demonstrating Cisco’s WAAS tomorrow in NYC, so today we spent some time going through a testing protocol so we can show people different things.

After we finished we had dinner at Murphy’s in NJ. Strange place. It’s not a classy steakhouse or anything – nor does it have aspirations to be one.

The menu is, to quote Kipling, as immutable as the hills. Apparently any substitutions or deviations are swiftly and sternly stamped out, as though they signify an impending revolution that threatens all that we hold holy. Dressing on the side? Heresy! Burn!

I got the 24oz Delmonico. I was urged not to ask anything about it, lest they bring out someone to take me to the back. He also suggested generous amounts of A1.

At least it was inexpensive (about $17) and properly cooked. If you’re looking for flavor and marbling, look elsewhere. Much of it looked like solid marble, though. Had to surgically remove a good amount of gristle.

Better than the steak at Bowling Green, I have to admit.


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