Ate at Flames in Manhattan

I was helping a client in the Wall Street District today with some rather obscure CIFS performance issues (Opportunistic Locks anyone? Berzerk BDCs causing issues? Multi-user Access DBs over WAN?)

Had to stay overnight (unplanned) so after putting in some solid hours I decided to get some steak, and NYC is the place to get decent steak.

Did some research and found out that Flames was walking distance from my hotel, so I went.

Got a T-Bone this time (usually go for strip or ribeye but the waiter insisted, even though they had far more expensive cuts on offer). Some creamed spinach and a small salad and I was set.

Flames is one of those fancy places where they cut your steak for you. At least they don’t feed you or, indeed, help you masticate.

Not that they would need to – the dry-aged steak had fantastic flavor and was reasonably tender (not the most tender but good). I wish it had been a tad less cooked but it was still great, and I devoured it in atavistic glory, almost beating the man-pelt on my chest in ecstasy. It’s been a while since I’ve had proper dry-aged beef.

The creamed spinach wasn’t too creamy or salty. The salad was just OK, I typically use salads for intestinal lubrication anyway and it served the purpose.

I did overhear some patrons asking for well done steaks, this is one of those places where they won’t try to talk you out of it, sadly. I think steakhouses should make you actually sign a waiver if you want to commit such culinary atrocity.

I also overheard a waiter trying to sell some $100 “Kobe” steak to some ladies, telling them how they massage the cows 4 times a day. I discreetly shook my head at them and they got the message.

Anyway – long story short, strongly recommended, and don’t dare order anything beyond medium-rare.

Now back to washing and drying my Superman underoos – I had no change of clothes and I’m writing this naked. It kinda is an appropriate image for this review though…


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