Ate at Trotter’s Tavern in Bowling Green, OH

I had some great customer meetings in OH this week. One meeting took me to Bowling Green, cute town.

The locals like to eat steak at Trotter’s Tavern. They only serve fist-sized and -shaped chunks of sirloin in some weird sauce that has at least some Worcestershire in it but is more tangy. No other cut choices, you get either 10 or 16 ounces and that’s it.

I asked the waitress how it was aged and got a blank stare back. I could almost read her mind: “we just defrost it in the microwave”.

Well, had it been cooked properly it might have been OK, but mine was well-done (which I hadn’t asked for). Ate it anyway, as is my idiom, but I can’t say I recommend the place. Maybe if you get the 10-ouncer and ask for medium rare it might be medium by the time you get it. It’s tough to cook a thick piece of meat properly.

At least the place is relatively inexpensive, their most expensive piece is $25 and comes with all the trimmings.

There was one weird thing though: The restroom was festooned with carvings (yes, carvings) asserting the gayness of various people.


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  1. The food tastes better after a few drinks. But what did you expect? After all, BG is a college town. To college kids in Ohio, this is a classy joint.

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