Just ate at Charley’s steakhouse in Orlando

As has been my idiom lately, I will comment on food.

Went to Charley’s steakhouse while attending EMC World.

They made a huge deal of showing off their steaks – which looked good. Wet-aged, 6 weeks for the bone-in ones, 4 weeks for the rest. Aged in-house. I prefer dry-aged but it’s hard to find outside NYC.

So I had a chunky strip, medium-rare.


  1. Too seared on the outside, too rare on the inside (would be classified as rare in other places)
  2. Really not that tender
  3. Way too stringy
  4. Others complained theirs was too salty, mine was OK.
  5. Shoulda gone for the ribeye or porterhouse.

Escargot were OK but needed more salt and garlic.

Next time I’m getting fish, or maybe a fillet (which is too boring a cut but at least it’s hard to screw up).


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