On traveling lately

Been a while since I updated this blog. Too busy running around, evangelizing cool technologies, eating rich food, not exercising and spending WAY too much time in airports delayed due to bad weather. Someone needs to either:

  1. Change the rules so that planes fly even under more adverse conditions (which is, technically, possible)
  2. Improve the planes (long shot)
  3. Give testosterone shots to all involved since, on occasion, I think they’re being way too conservative. I used to work for an airline, and though many rules are sound, others just piss me off.

The other thing that neess to happen is someone needs to figure out how to deal with the middle seats in planes. At the moment they’re only comfortable for seriously emaciated people, let alone anyone normal. I look like I could wrestle a gorilla so I’m decidedly uncomfortable in middle seats, but that’s another subject. Suffice it to say that dieting would not help in my case – in the shoulder area, I’d need a meat cleaver and/or bone saw to see any lateral reduction. I know I’m not the first to complain but come on! Once I had the middle seat and to either side of me were people of similar (if not larger) stature. At the end of the flight I felt like we’d been married. Here are some suggestions that are not politically correct but I’m not known for that…

  1. Collect biometric info on all passengers (namely, weight and body dimensions, not necessarily security-related biometrics but that would be an easier way to get the info if it became a government mandate)
  2. Using the biometric info figure out where people should sit so that:
    1. Weight is balanced
    2. People of similar sizes are not sitting together
    3. Middle seats are assigned to slim people and/or
    4. Only 1 large person per 3 seats
    5. Still try to sit families together
    6. While checking in, offer the option of more comfort (not just legroom). Initially, maybe charge for it!

I think this makes sense. Really, algorithmically it’s not too bad.


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