Some clarification on the caching

Re the previous post:

If you want to use supercache or uptempo the idea is that you take AWAY from windows/SQL/exchange cache and add to the fancy cache.

So, even on windows server, in “file and print sharing for microsoft windows” (in the properties for your network card, under file and printer sharing for Microsoft networks, bizarrely enough), you could say “maximize throughput for network applications”. In the various apps you’d just minimize the cache (i.e. only 10MB for Exchange) and just give the rest to supercache/uptempo.

Be aware that supercache is on a PER VOLUME basis, not global (its blessing and its curse at the same time). If you have a lot of volumes maybe just cache a few key data volumes, tempdb and the pagefile partition, or use uptempo, which allows you to allocate a single global cache pool that is then shared among the volumes you choose.

For SQL, using a RAM disk for tempdb seems to work even better.

Having seen the products work wonders only with 128MB dedicated to them, and bearing in mind that most servers have 4GB RAM or more, I’d say go nuts. I’d buy 4GB of RAM and make it cache in a heartbeat.


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