So who am I?

Hello everyone,

My name is Dimitris Krekoukias.

This blog used to be on another server, I moved it here – hopefully this hosting facility will be more stable.

I resemble a silverback gorila more than a monkey (man-pelt and all), and could probably wrestle one (and have a fair chance of winning).
I have extensive experience in the backup and recovery arena, and indeed know far more about certain products than I (or the vendors) would like to.
This blog will not be just about recovery – I have other interests, such as storage, OS design, tuning, filesystems, HPC, and other exotica. Plus a ton of non-IT-related hobbies – but that’s a story for another day.
Hopefully everyone will find this blog stimulating, controversial and, at times, annoying – in which case, tough.


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